Asthma causes impact on airways which carries air to and from lungs. The inner walls of asthma patient remains inflamed, this makes them sensitive. Due to inflammation airways of body becomes narrow and hence it allows less air to pass to and from lungs.

In some asthma cases, airways get blocked which stops passing of oxygen into lungs, thus restricting it to enter in blood stream and reach to different parts of the body. Such type of asthma is fatal and patient needs immediate hospitalization.


Asthma attack can be mild, moderate or extreme. In some cases, asthma can allow easy flow of oxygen into lungs, but creates problem while exhaling carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a poisonous gas, if not exhaled properly, it can restrict oxygen amount in blood stream, thus creating problem.

There are several treatment options which a patient can choose, but homeopathy asthma treatment has its own significance and benefits.


When breathing passage is blocked, asthma will trigger. Asthma attack may come all of a sudden or it will build up slowly in day or hours. The prominent symptoms of asthma are:

  • Wheezing (a hissing sound at the time of breathing)

  • Breathlessness

  • Coughing

  • Tightness of chest

  • Unable to speak properly

These symptoms can occur anytime i.e. in day or even at night.


The exact reason of asthma is not known properly. It can be hereditary or even environmental conditions can causes asthma in some of the people. Presence of allergy causing substances can cause asthma in sensitive people. Respiratory infection, excessive exercise, cold, and air pollutants can trigger asthma in many patients.


Asthma treatment in homeopathy should be the first choice if you want to get relief from allergies and asthma. This treatment is suitable for kids, adults, and old age people, even for pregnant ladies. Asthma treatment in homeopathy caters best solution for curing asthma and its remedies are highly beneficial for most of the patients. Homeopathy treatment never leads to any side effect if given by qualified and experienced homeopath. There is a close relation between asthma and homeopathy, as homeopathy medicines are quite capable of curing asthma without any excuse.

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