Migraine causes unbearable headache which can last for days or hours. Migraine often remains untreated and unnoticed. If you are getting migraine attack on regular basis, it is necessary to keep a record of that and consult doctor. Migraine can become a part of life at any age, and usually comes during adolescence. It may become severe in 30s and will be less critical as you grow old.

In women migraine is noticed just before or after menstrual cycle. Migraine problem improves after menopause.


Only a person suffering from migraine pain knows its severity. The chronic headache caused because of migraine may lead to:

  • Vomiting

  • Nausea

  • Sound sensitivity

  • Light sensitivity

  • Change in vision

In case of mild migraine attack, symptoms may last for one or two days. But it may take 15 days in case of severe headache.



There is no definite reason for migraine. Researchers have come up with some reasons which include:

  • Central nervous disorder may result in migraine when triggered.

  • Irregularities present in blood vessel system of brain and vascular system may lead to migraine.

  • Migraine can be caused because of genetic reasons.

  • Abnormal behavior of brain chemicals may cause to migraine headache.

  • The best trick to avoid migraine is to stop the cause which triggers headache. Migraine can happen because of different reasons and it depends on person to person. For some of the patient migraine may happen because of any specific food, drink, skipping meals, preservatives etc.


Homeopathy has a record of treating migraine, and yes it does wonders! In other treatment options where migraine is said as incurable problem, homeopathy cures the disease in a different way. Homeopathy believes in treating the body as a whole, thus plays a crucial role in keeping patients healthy and disease free. homeopathy treatment for migraine is done in two stages. In first stage focus of medicines is to lower down the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks. In second stage, it tries to reduce the chronic tendency, thus giving patient nothing but peaceful life.

Homeopathy treatment for migraine, by Dr. Jiji Mathew Annam is known for its natural healing. Homeopathy treatment for migraine in adults  can prevent future complications which may develop at later stage. Dr. Jiji Mathew Annam applies her treatment skills for picking up the symptoms of migraine and provides migraine medications for curing deep-rooted diseases. Dr. Jiji Mathew Annam homeopathy treatment for migraine,promises stress free life to her patient, and she is known for keeping her promise.

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