Sinus or medically called as sinusitis in an infection which happens when swelling and inflammation occurs in nasal cavities. It is caused due to virus. In normal condition sinuses contain air, but when they get blocked and filled with liquid, germs may grow which results in infection.






  • Congestion in nose, difficulty in breathing.

  • Ear pain

  • Nausea

  • Change in voice

  • Think greenish discharge from the nose, or drainage at the back of your throat.

  • Swelling and pain around your nose, eyes, forehead and cheeks.

  • Patient may not be able to smell and taste properly.

  • Cough which may become more during night time.


Both acute and chronic sinus shares same symptoms, but acute sinus is a temporary problem which is usually related with cold. Chronic sinus remains for longer duration and causes more trouble. In chronic sinus, a patient will never get fever, but it might come in acute sinus.​


Sinus is caused because of viral infection which leads to inflammation in sinuses and mucous membrane. Swelling occurs in mucous membrane due to inflammation, which blocks the drainage of liquid from sinuses into throat and nose. Fluid and liquid present in sinuses leads to pressure and pain. Bacterial growth happens in sinuses in such situations, because of liquid’s inability to drain properly.

Usually cold also happens in this way, but any infection which causes inflammation in mucous membrane leads to sinusitis.


Of all the available options for the treatment of sinusitis, the best one is Sinus treatment in homeopathy. Being a Homeopathy doctor Dr. Jiji Mathew Annam has wide experience and has treated many sinus patients.  Sinus treatment in homeopathy is far better than other conventional options as it never gives any strong antibiotics or medications. Sinus Treatment in homeopathy involves medicines which are very mild, thus a patient will never have any side effect. These medicines improve the immune system of the patient and help his/her body in fighting with infections.

Instead of suppressing the cause of sinus, Dr. Jiji Mathew Annam sinusitis treatment in homeopathy determines the cause of the problem and treats it accordingly. She believes in her  approach for sinus treatment in homeopathy thus right from patient’s visit in the clinic, her approach is to find out the root cause of sinus, by asking relevant questions to patients.

Dr. Jiji Mathew Annam's sinus treatment in homeopathy, can take care of both acute and chronic sinus problems. So, if you are suffering from sinus problems and want to treat it in an efficient way, Dr. Jiji Mathew Annam sinus treatment in homeopathy  welcomes you.

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